Campaign is a short film about a group of bored city kids who go into the woods and commit both tender and brutish acts. They laze about, they smoke, and they dance, on ex-military land and buildings. This mock fashion brand “campaign” is for the listless, the loiterers, and the directionless. The look is Inspired by Karlheinz Weinberger, Civil War photography, Bruce Davidson, Larry Clark, and British youth subcultures of the 60s and 70s.

Featuring music by Drama, starring Alisha, Joel, Julião, Teresa, and Xuy, and clothing by Ijji, Landbreakers, Evan Kinori, and StyleKouncil Vintage.

Directed + Edited by Linda Mai Green

Cinematography: Joshua Pausanos

Styling: Kat Yeh

Hair and Makeup: Dana Akashi

1st AC: Ashley Valenzuela

2nd AC: Robin Phillips